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The Africa Music Business Summit is an annual marketplace for music business where panel discussion platform for business networking and interaction among music professionals, music executives, government officials and other stakeholders in the music, media, tech, entertainment and financial sectors of Africa and of the world with breakout sessions and master classes taken by professionals. AMBS is a platform to interrogate and strategize on the business of music in Africa while charting a synergistic way forward for development and economic empowerment for the music industry.

Logistics - Sponsorship - Promotion - Marketing -Ticketing - Merchandising

Touring Africa

Royalty rights and More

Publishing - Distribution

  • Licensing compositions for use by films, television, advertisements, and other media.
  • Monitoring song usage, collecting and distributing royalties to artistes.
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Making A Hit

  • How to write a catchy, compelling and commercial song.
  • Matching the right artists for collaboration.
  • Promotion of the songs.
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